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Researchers develop a space-for-time approach to track the spatial contraction and drivers of decline of sawfishes. These iconic and endangered shark-like rays were once found in warm, coastal waters of 90 nations and are now presumed extinct in more than half (n = 46). Researchers also predict that sawfishes are gone from at least nine additional nations.

Yu Liang Weng

Yu Liang Weng

20 October 2021

Yan, H., Kyne, P., Jabado, R., Leeney, R., Davidson, L., Derrick, D., Finucci, B., Freckleton, R., Fordham, S. and Dulvy, N., 2021. Overfishing and habitat loss drive range contraction of iconic marine fishes to near extinction. Science Advances, [online] 7(7). Available at: [Accessed 20 October 2021].
The content of this visualisation is inspired by the supplementary material (Table S2. Predicted probability of extinction) of the paper referenced in the Source section. The underlying data comes from the GitHub repository provided at the end of the paper. Prediction outcomes (1000 csv files) were merged to get the results.
The source code is hosted on website's GitHub repository, you can find it here.
The visualisation is created using React and nivo choropleth canvas. After setup a React website, install the following dependencies:
npm install @nivo/core @nivo/geo, or replace npm install with yarn add if you are using Yarn.
SVG images used here were downloaded from
Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0.

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