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Data Visualisation Hub

Building community around data visualisation at the University of Sheffield.

CoVid Plots and Analysis

by Colin Angus at ScHARR, University of Sheffield

GlueViz for Heterogeneous data
18 Feb
Applications of ParaView
05 Oct
Visualising Cultural Heritage Data
15 Jun
Some Good Practice Guidelines
16 Mar
Useful Resources for R
18 Feb
Templates for Shiny applications
05 Feb
Interactive Visualisations in R
27 Jan
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Data and visualisation

Data visualisation is currently an active and critical aspect in research, teaching, and development. The main purpose of data visualisation is to communicate information clearly and effectively by means of graphical representation. However, this does not mean that data visualisation must be boring for its functional purpose, or extremely complicated to look gorgeous ...

Learning paths.

Discover how to get the most out of statistics, visualisations and tool sets.

Statistical Modeling
Interested in statistics and inferences.

Statistical Modeling

A statistical model is a mathematical model used to describe the relationship ...

Introduction to Dataviz
New to data visualisation and programming.

Introduction to Dataviz

Explore data visualisations through definitions, examples, videos, and relevant resources.

Dataviz Lab
Previous knowledge of programming languages.

Dataviz Lab

Tutorials and guides on create data visualisations using different tools and languages. ...


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Discover a variety of events including talks and symposia, workshops, vis-coding clubs and data visualisation hackathons!


Explore different training courses organised by the dedicated dataviz team to help you make the most of your data.


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ORDA (Online Research Data) is the University of Sheffield's hub for sharing data, code, and other non-traditional research artefacts. ORDA includes a showcase of visual representations of data built by staff and students at the University of Sheffield.
ORDA user distribution map

Online Research Data

ORDA (Online Research Data) at the University of Sheffield has welcomed visitors from over 148 countries and regions worldwide, providing a research data repository for storing and publishing research data in the long term, and enabled university research data to be preseved, discovered, and accessed.

Collaboration and Partnership.

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