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MILLIONS of UK residents struggle to afford or access food in 2021

Food dish

% adults experiencing hunger,
struggled to have food,
worried about having
enough food in
five UK cities.





Source: The University of Sheffield - News

A new study from the University of Sheffield has revealed the areas in the UK where residents most struggle to afford or access food. For the first time researchers were able to identify food insecurity at local authority scale across three categories, from those experiencing hunger, to those just one emergency away from going without food.

Yu Liang Weng

Yu Liang Weng

22 July 2021

The University of Sheffield - Latest News.
Also check out this exciting new map - Adult Food insecurity at Local Authority Scale.
This visualisation is based on the map mentioned in the source tab. I have chosen five cities across UK including two cities from Yorkshire and the Humber area, in which "almost half of local areas in here have very high percentages of people who were hungry in January", as suggested by researchers. The radar component is used for this visualisation. If you would like to try this component, add React to your website and install nivo and radar using npm install @nivo/core @nivo/radar. Then import the plot using import RadarPlot from "./radarPlot".
This visualisation is created using React and nivo package.
Link for the source code.
The food dish image used here were downloaded from
This visualisation is covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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