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Assess FAIRness of datasets in ORDA

Assessment date: 26/11/21

Assessment result by dataset

This visualisation present the FAIRness assessment results for datasets in Online Research Data (University's data repository). The assessment was made using the F-UJI web service.

Yu Liang Weng

Yu Liang Weng

31 January 2022

The assessment was made using the tool from: Devaraju, A. and Huber, R. (2021). An automated solution for measuring the progress toward FAIR research data. Patterns, vol 2(11),
Robert and Anusuriya has created a web service called F-UJI which can programatically assess FAIRness of research data objects based on metrics developed by the FAIRsFAIR project. This assessment was made on 26/11/21 by creating an local F-UJI web service instance and assessed each dataset in ORDA iteratively.
The source code is hosted on website's GitHub repository, you can find it here.
The visualisation is created using the React library and some other packages. After setup a React website, install the following dependencies:
npm install styled-components @ant-design/charts @ant-design/plots react-tooltip, or replace npm install with yarn add if you are using Yarn.
Code and content for the visualisation are covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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