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Exmaple: Policy / £0.70 MUP / Consumption (units per year) / Male drinkers displays the modelled effects of the £0.70 minimum unit price policy on the consumption of Male drinkers with different risks (Moderate, Increasing, and High).

A sunburst visualisation that shows modelled effects of tax and minimum unit pricing (MUP) policies on Consumption (units per year), Expenditure (annual £ spent), and Hospitalisations (at full effect). You can choose to see the modelled effects in percentage change (default choice, express the change in percentage) or absolute change (real value).

Yu Liang Weng

Yu Liang Weng

06 September 2021

Meier, P. S., Holmes, J., Brennan, A., and Angus, C. (2021) Alcohol policy and gender: a modelling study estimating gender-specific effects of alcohol pricing policies. Addiction, 116: 2372– 2384.

This visualisation is produced based on Table 4. Policy effects on alcohol consumption, spending and hospital admissions from the paper above.
The source code is hosted on website's GitHub repository, you can find it here.
The visualisation is created using React and sunburst chart. After setup a React website, install the following dependencies:
npm install @ant-design/charts styled-components, or replace npm install with yarn add if you are using Yarn.
Svg images such as wine-bottle-glass and pound-price-tag were downloaded from
Code and content for the visualisation are covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).
There are two ways to find out modelled effects.
1. Hover the mouse on different areas of the chart to see information on the tooltip.
2. Always start from the centre of the chart, click on any sections to drilldown and see information for that section only. To go back, click on any text in the breadcrumb located below the chart.

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