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Improved rice cooking approach to maximise arsenic removal while preserving NUTRIENT elements





💡 Inorganic Arsenics are highly toxic and classified as a Group-A carcinogen that can cause lung and skin cancer. It can be found in ...
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Advantage of the Parboiled and Absorbed (PBA) method

Saving water, energy, and cooking time

Go Green

Practical in domestic

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Effective in reducing inorganic Arsenic(s) with a 54% and 73% reduction

Raising margin of exposure by x2.2 and x3.7

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ONLY method suited to all rice varieties in order to obtain a desirable MOE for all population groups

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Loss of nutrients was similar or less than in comparison to other methods

Concentration of inorganic Arsenic(s) under different cooking treatments


Source: Science of The Total Environment

The parboiled and absorbed (PBA) method removed 54% & 73% inorganic arsenic (iAs) from brown & white rice. The PBA method raised margin of exposure (MOE) by 3.7 and 2.2 times for white and brown rice, respectively. Read the paper for this method's graphical abstract and step by step guide.

Yu Liang Weng

Yu Liang Weng

22 September 2021

Menon, M., Dong, W., Chen, X., Hufton, J. and Rhodes, E., 2021. Improved rice cooking approach to maximise arsenic removal while preserving nutrient elements. Science of The Total Environment, [online] 755, p.143341. Available at: [Accessed 24 September 2021].
The content of this visualisation were adpated from the paper referenced in the Source section. The bar chart data were read visually from the Figure 1 therefore it might not be consistent with the original paper.
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